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Mechuka and The Wonders of Arunachal’s Siyom Valley

“ a culturally enriching journey to the stunning highlands of Upper Arunachal ”

Mechuka (also known as Menchukha) is a beautiful border village, located in the higher reaches of the newly carved Shi-Yomi district of Arunachal Pradesh. Cozily tucked away in the upper mountain folds of the Siyom Valley, Mechuka in Arunachal is set amidst a dramatic amphitheater of alpine grasslands, wide river valleys and beautiful hanging bridges lined with Tibetan prayer flags. The frontier town lies just a few kms away from the Indo-Tibet Border, enthralling its visitors with its geographical isolation and its unspoiled charm. Unmotorable until not so long ago, Mechuka in Arunachal can be reached via rugged mountain routes that travel along the Siyom river and enter the breathtaking Yargyap Chu valley. Despite the improvement in roads, the area still remains delightfully secluded from the rest of the world, thus offering a perfect peaceful escape for all. Mechuka’s allure lies not only in its physical environs and natural beauty but also in the captivating stories, legends and folktales woven into its fabric by its diverse tribal culture and historical legacy. 

While Mechuka is our ultimate destination on this offbeat Arunachal tour, it offers much more than that. Following two of the significant rivers of the north-eastern state, our journey starts from Dibrugarh in Assam and leisurely wanders along the picturesque Siang and Siyom valleys. From the Minyong Adis in Pasighat to the Galo people of Aalo and the Membas and Ramos of Mechuka, this unfrequented belt of Arunachal is home to many indigenous tribes, each possessing their own distinct cultures, religions, traditions, and languages. Combine this with the region’s stunning landscapes and you have a trip that promises a sweet blend of scenic beauty and cultural immersion. On this curated Aruanchal tour, embrace the vibrant traditions of these remote mountain dwellers and treat yourselves to a visual extravaganza in one of the most beautiful yet least explored regions of North East India.


Day1: Welcome to Arunachal’s Siang Valley

  • Dibrugarh Airport Pick Up and drive to Pasighat in East Siang (150 Km / 3-4 hrs)
  • Travel along the Brahmaputra (Siang) valley passing through scenic villages
  • Cross the Bogibeel bridge over Brahmaputra, one of the longest bridges in the country
  • Arrive at Pasighat, one of the oldest riverside towns of Arunachal Pradesh
  • Overnight at Pasighat Hotel

Day 2: Pasighat to Aalo (100 Km / 2-3 hrs) and a local Galo village explore

  • Travel to Aalo, a picturesque valley town at the confluence of Sipu and Siyom River
  • From Aalo, head out to explore a local Galo tribe village and a beautiful hanging bridge
  • The serene village walk gives you a glimpse into the slow life along the Siyom valley
  • Overnight at Aalo Hotel/Homestay

Day 3: Aalo to Mechuka (190 Kms / 5-6 hrs )

  • It’s now time to go deeper into the mountains of Siyom and Yargap chu valley
  • Start from Aalo to cover a hilly route through picturesque landscapes
  • Arrive at Mechuka and check in to your village homestay hosted by a local family
  • Mechuka is a breathtaking himalayan hamlet close to the Indo-Tibet border on the banks of Yargap Chu
  • Upon arrival, head out for a walk to the Buddhist Monastery hilltop just behind the town
  • On the way, soak in the striking panoramic views of the massive Yargyap Chu valley
  • Later walk down the same path through the village back to your homestay
  • Evening at Leisure | Overnight at Mechuka Local Homestay

Day 4: Mechuka Explore – Day Trek (3-5 hrs)

  • Wake up to a lovely morning with spectacular mountain views from your homestay
  • Post breakfast, head out on a day hike to the Mechuka mountain overlooking the valley (2-3 hrs)
  • The Mechuka peak offers stunning views of Mechuka as well as the towering hills on the other side
  • Climb down from the mountain to hike up further to Dorjeeling village (1-2 hrs)
  • The tiny and picturesque Memba village is located on the other side of Mechuka’s rolling meadows
  • Trek or Drive back from the village back to Mechuka
  • These day hikes are flexible and can be chosen based on the travellers’ preference
  • Overnight at Mechuka Local Homestay

Day 5:  Mechuka Explore – Local sights

  • Today we explore a few other scenic and interesting attractions of this beautiful region
  • We hop on to our car to visit these local sights, some of which are steeped in local legends, mythology and history
  • Subject to permissions, we also attempt to visit the Yarlung Army Camp or the Indo-Tibet Border camp
  • Overnight at  Mechuka Local Homestay

Day 6:  Mechuka to Pasighat (285 Km / 7-8 hrs)

  • Drive back the same route to Pasighat via Aalo
  • Overnight at Pasighat Hotel

Day 7: Pasighat to Dibrugarh (150 Km / 3-4 hrs) and Adi village explore (Optional)

  • Before leaving Pasighat, visit an Adi tribal village located along the banks of the Siang
  • The village with pristine streams, forests and terraced fields requires a 1 hour trek to reach
  • After experiencing this secluded village’s local culture, time to head back
  • Drive back to Dibrugarh | Overnight at Dibrugarh Hotel

Day 8: Farewell

  • Transfer from your hotel to Dibrugarh Airport
  • Depart for home with memorable moments to cherish

Please Note: -This 8-day itinerary is just for reference. It can be shortened or extended depending on the traveller’s interests and preferences.

Experience Highlights

1. Mesmerizing Mechuka at the Indo-Tibet Border

Mechuka (also spelt as Menchukha) is a small valley town located in the upper reaches of the Shi-Yomi district of Arunachal Pradesh. Also called the “Shangri-La of The Northeast”, the picturesque hamlet is nestled at an altitude of 6200 ft in an idyllic setting amidst the Eastern Himalayas. Just 29 Kms from the McMahon Line or the Indo-Tibet Border, the frontier town is one of the best places to visit for border tourism in India. Only recently made motorable through the remote hills of Siyom Valley, Mechuka in Arunachal was one of the several strategic locations during the 1962 war with China. Because of its proximity to the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the Indian Air Force has an Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) right in the middle of the town. A visit to the Yarlung Army Camp close to the Tibetan border ((subject to permissions)) is a unique highlight of this Arunachal Tour.

The name Mechuka is made up of three local words that literally means the “medicinal water of snow”. The melted water streams flowing through Mechuka are believed to have medicinal properties. The pristine Yagyap Chu flows through the salubrious environs of this valley and meets the Siyom river downstream. Flanked by sweeping meadows and lofty snow-clad mountains, Mechuka’s ethereal charm lies in its unspoiled surroundings and authentic cultural experiences. Mainly home to buddhist Membas, the place is also inhabited by other tribes of the region namely, the Adi, Ramo, Bokar and Libo tribes. Most of these communities practice Mahayana Buddhism while some follow Donyi-Poloism and Christianity. Mechuka’s remote location has helped preserve its natural splendor and cultural authenticity, making it a hidden gem in the Himalayas.

The monastery of Samtem Yongcha, said to be more than 500 years old, is a revered site in Mechuka. One of the oldest Buddhist monasteries of Arunachal Pradesh, even older than the great Tawang monastery, Samtem Yongcha belongs to the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. From the ancient Buddhist monastery of the Samten Yongcha, to Guru Nanak‘s sacred meditation site and the legendary rock imprints of Hanuman, Mechuka is much more than its scenic beauty. For visitors on this offbeat Arunachal tour package, the place has an eclectic mix of amazing cultural attractions. The vast Yargyap Chu valley also offers exciting trekking opportunities for the adventure enthusiasts. From short day treks to the Mechuka mountain to the longer treks like the Rinjinling mountains nearby or the Pasang Sonam Tso Lake trek, Mechuka is a great place for an active mountain holiday. Overall, whether it’s the heavenly landscapes, the vibrant local traditions, the warm hospitality or the chance to disconnect from the modern world and connect with nature, Mechuka’s beauty is a harmonious blend of the scenic and the cultural. It is indeed a captivating escape for those in search of an extraordinary and genuinely rejuvenating journey.

2. Aalo town and The Siyom Valley

The Siyom river originates from the upper reaches of the Eastern Himalayas close to the Indo-Tibet Border. It carves out a scenic river valley that inhabits dozens of tiny villages in the Shi-Yomi and West Siang districts. Aalo (formerly known as ‘Along’) is one of the main towns located on the southern banks of Siyom on the way to Mechuka. This remote riverside town is located about 100 Kms from Pasighat town and 310 Kms from the state capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar. The Headquarters of the West Siang District, Aalo is blessed with wide open views of the river valley. The Siyom flows through here against a backdrop of verdant mountains and scenic natural surroundings. A considerable part of our journey on this Arunachal tour occurs along the Siyom valley. As we move from Aalo towards Mechuka deeper into the Siyom valley, the road gradually climbs and offers multiple viewpoints. One of the highlights enroute to Mechuka along the Siyom is the Siko Dido waterfalls. The breathtaking waterfall falling from a height of about 200 ft creates a magical setting and stands out as one of the scenic attractions along the way. The Siyom valley not only offers impressive natural views but also presents a unique mix of culture and traditions in this pristine region of Arunachal.

The valley is the abode of various major and sub-tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. While primarily home to the Galo tribe, Aalo and its neighboring villages are also inhabited by Adi, Minyong, Bori, Bokar, Ramo, Memba and other tribes. Apart from Aalo town, on this curated Arunachal tour package, we also visit a local Galo tribal village located along the river. A serene village walk is the best way to experience this charming village. Far removed from noise of the town area, the sleepy tribal hamlet with orange orchards, traditional huts and a thrilling hanging bridge provides an amazing insight into the slow life of the region.

3. Mechuka La and The Dorjeeling Village

The Mechuka mountain, also called Mechuka La, is located on the eastern bank of the Yargyap Chu river overlooking the entire valley. An enormous ‘Menchukha’ sign with huge letters is inscribed at the top of the mountain. A thrilling short hike to the top involves climbing meadow ridges and rolling hills, on narrow, grassy trails. With a mix of gradual and steep sections, the walk up to the top can be done in a few hours depending on the group’s pace. The scenery and the photos keep getting better as you go higher up. Once you reach the open and windy summit, you are treated with bird’s eye views and a remarkable panorama that unfolds in front. A few minutes of silence in this completely secluded and peaceful spot is simply reinvigorating. With sweeping views of the entire Mechuka town, distant forested hills and snow-covered giant mountains beyond, this guided day trek is one of the most rewarding experiences of this Arunachal Tour.

Down from the summit, we head out to the other side of the mountain in the adjoining valley, where another unforgettable highlight awaits. With its postcard-perfect settings, the charming village of Dorjeeling welcomes us with open arms. Although the name sounds similar to the world-famous hill station of Bengal (‘Darjeeling’), the views of Dorjeeling village are quite distinct and different. With a handful of houses spread out on open grasslands, Dorjeeling is a sparsely populated hamlet located on the outskirts of Mechuka. The quaint settlement is bounded by dense forests on one side and Mechuka mountain on the other and exudes a rustic charm with its surreal natural beauty. Beautiful wooden huts, horses grazing on the meadows, a small monastery, rickety hanging bridges and a gentle, shallow crystal-clear stream flowing on stony river beds, all of these come together to create a fairytale-like setting here. The undisturbed, slow environs of the place also add to the soothing visual treat to the eyes. For the visitors, a walk through the Dorjeeling village is an experience to remember.


4. Pasighat by the Mighty Siang

Situated at the eastern himalayan foothills on the bank of the Siang river, Pasighat is the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh. It is currently the headquarters of East Siang district of Arunachal. From a small village, the place slowly transformed into a major administrative center during the British Raj after the last Anglo-Abor War of 1912. The local tribesmen were collectively Abors by the British. Earlier known as ‘Paklek’ meaning “Garden of Banana”, the British officers are said to have named the place ‘Pasighat’, from the word Pasi, a sub-tribe of the Adi. Although the town is quite cosmopolitan in character with a mix of different tribes in the region, the Pasighat area is predominantly inhabited by the Minyong Adi natives. It has now become the main center of political, economic and cultural activities of the entire Siang belts. With a huge chunk of the population from outside the region, Pasighat area has become a sort of mini-India where people from all over the country and also Arunachal Pradesh peacefully dwell.

The Siang river in Arunachal Pradesh flows by Pasighat. From Tibet, it enters India at Gelling in Upper Arunachal and then meanders its way through the hills to later form the Brahmaputra along with its two other main tributaries, Lohit and Dibang. Along its course, the Siang river valley not only sustains a large number of villages but also has been shaping the cultural identity of the tribal natives since time immemorial. It is a symbol of vibrant power, energy, and dynamism for the inhabitants with countless folktales, legends and stories linking it to the local life. On this curated and offbeat Arunachal Tour package, we travel along the mighty Siang to explore the historically significant Pasighat town and beyond. We visit a traditional Adi village on the banks of the Siang that still remains secluded from the modern world. A journey to the village is like hopping on to a time capsule that takes us back in time. Travelling here requires crossing over a stunning hanging bridge suspended hundreds of feet above the riverbed. The short hike on a forest trail offers splendid views of the bluish-green waters of the Siang. With its neatly terraced farms, enchanting forest settings and lazily flowing streams, a guided cultural walk through the village is a lifetime experience.


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