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Eka Experiences™ was born out of a curiosity to explore the uncommon, underrated and unspoiled destinations of our planet. It started from a desire to create unconventional travel itineraries, discover unique cultures and unravel hidden stories. It was created also out of a need to fill the gap for personalized experiential travel in India. We aim to take you away from conventional travel and have made it our mission to provide more immersive, fulfilling and meaningful experiences that are capable of leaving a lasting impact on the traveler. Our trips are handcrafted to be immersive, educative and experiential in nature in order to connect with a destination and its people at a deeper level. All our efforts are geared towards transforming the few days of your holiday into a meaningful and a memorable lifetime experience.


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The Eka Approach

We at Eka facilitate personalized travel for leisure travellers, authentic experience seekers as well as for adventure enthusiasts. Our itineraries are designed as a unique mix of road trips, local learning experiences, wellness sessions, cultural immersions and trekking adventures. This way we strive to perfectly blend recreation in nature with elements of experiential learning and soft adventure to design active, challenging, educative as well as safe and comfortable journeys. We craft our trips with an aim to not just rest, relax and recharge but also to learn and experience something new. Our approach to travel design ensures you don’t just tick off a destination from your bucket list, but immerse yourself in the essence of that place, live like a local and deeply connect with its people and culture. 

What we don’t offer are run-of-the-mill standard tour packages that take you from point A to point B. Instead we first discuss with you to understand and know the traveller in you. We then curate experiences, stays, trails, routes, and other details which suit your interests and preferences and also match with your expectations. Handcrafting a unique travel program, we thus strive to carefully weave your personalized travel story from a peaceful place.

Our accommodations and homestays are handpicked to provide for the right mix of great comfort, awesome views, maximum relaxation and an easy way to connect with the locals. In certain regions, you will stay like a family member at a cozy homestay. These local interactions help you discover their culture, understand their beliefs and traditions, learn from their experiences, empathize with their issues and more importantly, gives you an opportunity to have a closer look at life in secluded and remote places.


We at Eka want to amplify travel’s role as a force for good in this world. We want Travel to be much more than clicking and uploading flawless photos on social media. We believe travellers should deeply connect with a destination, know the real issues of the land and empathize with the locals while enjoying their warm hospitality. We believe in Responsible Travel and all our trips are designed keeping this basic tenet in mind. We facilitate curated experiential travel in a sustainably, socially and an environmentally-conscious manner. We prefer to work with people from the local community, buy local and wherever possible, stay at locally owned accommodations and homestays. We ensure that our trips result in generation of employment in the areas we visit and more money stays in the hands of people who live there. This way, we strive to uplift the rural and local communities through our mindful travel design.


One Life | One Planet | One Mission

‘Eka’ in Sanskrit means ‘One’, ‘Single’ or ‘Only’. It signifies one beautiful journey of our only life to explore one incredible planet. It echoes the ephemeral nature of our only lifetime on earth. The ‘Eka’ in Eka Experience™ stands for the uniqueness of our trips and one of a kind experiences we strive to offer. The name also denotes our belief in the power of One, that change can start from the singular efforts of one individual.

MEET The teaM

Founder of Eka Experiences

Abhirup Paul


An avid traveller, Abhirup was born in Tripura in North-East India, raised in Calcutta and found his calling in the Himalayas. After facilitating outdoor travel experiences in India, Nepal, Hong Kong and Australia, he started Eka to provide carefully curated and personalized travel experiences to all.

Indrajit Hazra Chief Mountain Guide Team Eka

Indrajit Hazra

Chief Mountain Leader

A qualified Mountaineer and an expedition leader, Indrajit’s heart is always in the mountains. With an Interior Designing background, his love for the mountains overshadowed the city dweller in him. A people’s person and a true motivator, Indrajit has many incredible Himalayan stories to share.

Srejoyee Naskar Team Eka

Srejoyee Naskar

Brand Advisor

A graduate of NIFT Mumbai, Srejoyee is a Brand Manager and an ace Designer. Mom of two cats, she loves to travel, cook and experience new destinations. Being a talented Home Chef herself, she advises us on our food tours and culinary experiences too!