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Badami Caves Adventure: Climb, Rappel, Explore

"seek your thrill in a sandstone heaven"

Badami is loved by all adventure enthusiasts and experiencing the thrill of Rappelling and Rock Climbing in Badami Caves is a dream for many. This is a curated weekend trip near Bangalore that includes beginner-friendly sessions on basics of Rock-Climbing and Rappelling, interesting experiential activities as well as short treks to explore the rich history and heritage of the place. Experience the thrill of adventure in a safe and enjoyable manner along with learning something new.

Day 0/Friday: Depart from Bangalore (Pick Up at 9 PM) : Overnight Road Journey to Badami

  • Road Trip Vehicle: Innova /Tempo Traveller (Participants can arrange their own transport too)

Day 1/Saturday: Badami Arrival Early Morning :

  • Freshen up and Have breakfast | Keep extra luggage at the Homestay
  • Gear up and Transfer to Crag area | Rock Climbing Session by Qualified Instructor
  • Safety Briefing, Introduction to Climbing, Belaying Basics, Gear ID and Communication
  • It’s Climb Time! Experience climbing on Badami’s world-famous walls
  • Break and Have Lunch 
  • Climbing continues… | Experiential Activities | Reflection Sessions
  • Explore and hike around Agastya Lake area during sunset 
  • Transfer Back to Homestay | Dinner

Day 2/Sunday: Rappel and Explore :

  • Early Morning Rappelling Adventure | Safety Briefing and Rappelling Basic lessons
  • Transfer back to homestay for Breakfast 
  • Discover Badami: A treasure trove of ancient relics and monuments
  • Guided tour of Badami’s cave temples
  • Check out Malegitti Boulder Temple and trek up to Northern Hills
  • Have Lunch and Leave for Bangalore | Reach by 10-11 PM    

EXPerience Highlights

1. The Mecca of Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing as an activity is not only fun or something that gives us bragging rights, but also it gives us a refreshing physical and mental challenge to overcome. 

It builds trust and self-confidence, trains our focus and offers an exciting way to spend some quality time outdoors. And what better place to get a feel of climbing than at Badami Caves.

Tucked between giant sandstone outcrops, the ancient town of Badami has become one of the favourite destinations of rock climbers and adventure enthusiasts in the world. 

The presence of excellent climbing sites, multiple bolted routes and a great supportive community, has earned Badami the title ‘the Mecca of Rock Climbing’ among the local and international climbing enthusiasts. 

Rock Climbing near Badami caves therefore is a must-do item on a thrill-seeker’s list and this guided weekend trip from Bangalore gives us a perfect chance to experience this adventure under the guidance of qualified instructors.

2. The Thrill of a Rappel

Apart from Rock Climbing in the Badami crags, our adventurous weekend outing also includes an activity that would keep us literally on our toes and feet – Rappelling, also called Abseiling in many parts of the world. It is the act of descending a steep mountain or a rocky cliff on a rope that is attached to an anchor at the top. 

Rappelling is most often employed as the descent after an upward climb, however it has become an exciting adventure sport in itself. An excellent way to stretch our comfort zones and improve our body coordination, Rappelling offers the perfect adrenaline rush during our Badami adventure tour.

3. Explore the timeless wonders of Badami Caves

Badami, the ancient capital of the Chalukya Kingdom, occupies an important place in the heritage history of Karnataka. 

Some of the most majestic Brahmanical and Jain Cave Temples from 6th-7th century can be found here. 

Dug out of solid sandstone hills, the cave temples contain elaborate decorations, significant inscriptions and some very intricate carvings.

Below the cave temples lie the beautiful lake of Agastya, a massive body of water said to be human-carved in the 5th century. On the lake’s eastern banks, the magnificent Bhoothanatha temple offers a surreal look with the backdrop of imposing red cliffs. 

Our adventure tour in Badami includes a short trek to the surrounding highlands. 

From these high hillocks we witness some captivating sunsets and get beautiful panoramic views of the entire town. 

Apart from Rappelling and Rock Climbing in Badami, these stunning views are reasons enough to pack our bags and take a road trip to this picturesque place. 


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