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Gorkhey Khola Village Trail

"a relaxing walking holiday through dreamy rural settings, perfect for families or small groups"

The Gorkhey Khola Village Trail is crafted as a local walking holiday experience, involving short forest treks, gorgeous village visits and lovely local homestays. It explores the scenic villages along the Gorkhey Khola stream, a small mountain creek that marks a natural border between Sikkim and West Bengal. 

Snuggled between the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary and the Singalila National Park, these rural hamlets are rare offbeat places still relatively untouched by commercialization. 

Our walking trail winds through these charming mountain villages, wooded valleys, birding trails and terraced rice fields, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding hilly landscapes. This leisurely hiking tour is senior and child-friendly and is especially designed for families, couples or small groups who prefer active holidays in peaceful natural environments. It’s a rejuvenating mountain vacation with an immersive culture and community experience.

Day 1: Morning Pick Up from Siliguri ( Bagdogra Airport/NJP Railway Station);

  • Go on a scenic drive through the hills to Bhareng Village in Sikkim
  • Total distance: 135 km | Drive Duration: 5-6 hrs
  • Overnight in Bhareng homestay

Day 2:  Bhareng to Samanden village

  • After breakfast, start a short rural hike to Samanden village
  • Walk on a trail of Pine forests and terraced farms (Hike Duration: 2-3 Hrs)
  • Overnight in Samanden Homestay

Day 3: Leisure Day at Samanden village

  • Immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful villages of the region
  • Explore the place for a unique rural cultural immersion
  • Optional hike deeper into the forests of Singalila National Park
  • Overnight in Samanden Homestay

Day 4: Samanden to Gorkhey village

  • Short hiking down to the village of Gorkhey (Hike Duration: 2-3 Hrs)
  • Gorkhey is another pristine little hamlet with an impressive natural envrionment
  • Spend the remaining day at leisure, resting and relaxing amidst serene rural settings
  • Overnight in Gorkhey Homestay

Day 5: Gorkhey to Siliguri via Bhareng

  • Walk through nature trails from Gorkhey to Bhareng village (Hike Duration: 1-2 Hrs)
  • Bid goodbye to the team and drive back to Siliguri/Airport/Railway Station

Experience Highlights

1. A Walking Holiday through offbeat mountain villages

The Gorkhey Khola Village Trail is designed to be a relaxing walking holiday in the mountains. The time is spent exploring some of the most scenic mountain villages in the region and involves leisurely forest walks and short hikes. 

Compared to a conventional trek, it is conducted at a slower pace and over relatively short distances. 

The focus of this active experience is to explore beautiful lesser-known villages, facilitate a deeper connection with the natural surroundings and to enjoy cultural or community interaction.

On this route, we hop from one pretty village to another taking in the sights and sounds of their picturesque environs. These quaint little villages with no motorable roads are only accessible on foot. 

Lying off the tourist radar, they are nestled deep in the forests in some of the most soothing and tranquil natural settings. Spending time in these peaceful locales is a rejuvenating experience for any visitor. 

This 5-day experiential hiking tour is suitable for all including families with kids or seniors. Spending time in nature, learning about forests and outdoor sessions with our trip leaders can prove to be a great experience especially for any children. 

No wonder, the trail classifies as a kids’ favourite. Overall, it’s a refreshing mountain vacation that allows all travellers to fully immerse themselves in unique rural communities and magnificent mountain villages.


2. The Gorkhey Khola Village Trail​

The Gorkhey Khola Valley is a narrow valley remotely situated in a biodiverse region between the Barsney Rhododendron Sanctuary and the Singalila National Park.

The isolated valley is drained by the Gorkhey Khola stream that originates from the upper reaches of the Singalila mountain ranges. The Gorkhey Khola stands as a natural border and marks a small section of the boundary between the states of Sikkim and West Bengal. 

The rivulet cuts its way to meet other streams which together combine to join the river Rangeet downstream at Jorethang. 

The valley harbours some of the most dense forests in the Eastern Himalayas. Home to a variety of trees and wildlife, including colorful birds, the area is an unexplored natural paradise with a peaceful atmoshperere. 

The little settlements situated on both sides of the Gorkhey Khola valley are some of the most scenic villages in the region.

3. Memorable Local Homestays

Our holiday trail covers small hamlets located in the foothills of the great Himalayan ranges. Encircled by lush greenery and hilly landscapes, these distant mountain villages offer basic local homestays. 

Our nights are spent in these local accommodations that provide basic, comfortable and clean facilities. These handpicked village homestays are hosted by friendly, hospitable families from within the local resident communities. 

They are knowledgeable and sociable and provide visitors with invaluable insights on their region that simply aren’t available from a guide book. 

Sharing the homes of local residents also allow guests to taste the delicious home-cooked food and the authentic local cuisine, which is often a direct farm-to-table experience. Time spent here invites cultural exchanges, cross-cultural understanding and a chance to unveil an authentic side to a rural Himalayan region. 

Our guides and hosts also regale the visitors with local folklore and community stories, allowing for an intensely immersive experience which can yield lasting memories.


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