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Phulara Ridge Trek in the Garhwal Himalayas

“camping under the stars and a spectacular ridge walk to remember”

A truly divine walk in the higher reaches of Garhwal Himalayas, the Phulara Ridge Trek offers some of the most impressive mountain views. Along with a uniquely thrilling ridge walk, it also offers serene trails through dense high-altitude forests, verdant alpine meadows and some of the most awesome campsites under the stars. Ideal for both fit beginners and experienced trekkers, the Phulara Ridge Trek is an immersive experience crafted for small groups and organized with premium logistics.

Day 1: Morning Pick up from Dehradun(Airport/Railway Station/Hotel) – Travel to Base Camp: Sankri/Kotgaon 
       (190 KM/8-9 hours) – Sankri/Kotgaon Homestay : 6500 feet

Day 2: Trek start from Saud Village – Saud to JKT: 4 KM | 4-5 hrs | Camp at JKT: 9,300 ft

Day 3: JKT To Bhoj Gadi via Sikolta : 6-7 KMs | 5-6 hours | Camp at Bhoj Gadi: 11,155 ft

Day 4: Bhoj Gadi to Pushtara Meadows via Phulara Ridge : 12-13 KMs | 7-8 hours | Camp at Pushtara: 9,500 ft

Day 5: Pushtara to Taluka: 5-6 KMs | 5-6 hours | Drive from Taluka to Homestay (12 KM/1 hour)

Day 6: Travel from Homestay to Dehradun – Drop at Airport/Railway Station/Hotel 

Experience Highlights

1. Exhilarating Ridge Walk

Rising between two adjacent valleys, a ridge is a long, continuous top of a mountain, where the sides of the mountain slope away from its highest points. 

Walking on an open mountain ridge usually ensures a spectacular view of the surrounding scenery. Phulara is one such remarkable and easily-accessible ridge section in the Himalayas that continues for a long stretch. 

As we walk on its narrow elevated crest, the expansive views keep getting better on either side – one sweeping down into a deep valley and another into a lush rolling meadow. 

With some of the Himalayan giants for company and a stunning panorama of distant valleys and snow-capped vistas, Phulara Ridge view point is undoubtedly one of the best experiences a traveller can have.

2. Swargarohini Peaks: The Myth and the Massif

Phulara Ridge Trek includes the most perfect vantage points to witness the extraordinary grandeur of the Swargarohini group of mountains. 

The mountain massif lies in the Bandarpunch Range of Garhwal Himalayas and comprises four separate giant peaks. The main and the tallest peak, Swargarohini I, rises to an altitude of 6252 m above mean sea level and is considered one of the most difficult climbs in the region. 

The eternally snow-clad peaks are visible from the base of the trek and continue to accompany us throughout our journey, offering the grandest views from the ridge top. 

Apart from it being a stunning sight, the majestic mountain also has unique mythological significance. It finds a mention in the epic Mahabharata and is supposed to have been climbed by the great Pandava king Yudhistira enroute to his heavenly abode.

3. The Grand Meadows of Phulara Ridge Trek

One of the major highlights of the Phulara Ridge Trail is the walk on the rolling alpine meadows of Pushtara. As we gradually approach the end of our ridge trek, the vast green fields of Pushtara Meadows slowly become visible. 

Before we start descending to our campsite through the meadows, a brief pause to soak in the scenery and admire them becomes essential. 

The grand scale of the area, spread out for miles and miles, is just mind blowing. Hiking on the carpeted hills with its verdant surroundings and imposing mountains all around is a genuine treat for nature-lovers.

4. Remote Garhwali Villages

The trail is located in the secluded Northern Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, bordering the southern part of Himachal. On this journey, we pass through and stay in some of the remote, isolated villages of Garhwal. 

These mountain hamlets, perched up high in the hills for centuries, have their own beliefs, customs and traditions that find many similarities to the inhabitants on the other side of the border. 

The villages of Taluka, Dhatmir, Saud and Sankri, all offer a beautiful glimpse into the local way of life and also give us an excellent opportunity to experience their unique culture and cuisine.

5. Shepherd Trails through Silent Forests

The Phulara Ridge Trek is located in the GPV National Park, a biodiverse protected area in the upper reaches of Garhwal Himalayas. The trail on this trek passes through some dense alpine forests of the park and includes exciting river-crossings, thrilling ice-formations, scenic viewpoints and charming meadow walks. 

Below the tree-line at the lower altitudes, we encounter forests full of Chir Pines and Brown Oak trees along with Deodar, Fir, Walnut and Cedar. As we go higher, we come across some lovely paths lined with Silver Birch (Bhoj Patra) trees and Rhododendron shrubs. 

These trees cover the whole mountain landscape of the national park making it a visual treat for its visitors. The shepherd trails through these remote jungles are very less-frequented by travellers, thus offering us an isolated and enjoyable trekking experience with an amazing sense of peace and serenity.


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